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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sien ar Sien >_<

Have to start work on MPM, shooting documentary. Feel so sick with the subject, especially the lecturers! Tell me one thing yesterday and today~ loads of stuff need to do for tomorrow's presentation! Crazy!!!!! It's gonna be a busy, busy semester!

Tonight got a crappy meeting to attend. Ugh~ I hate meetings. After that meeting, got another session of ice breaking need to attend. I just to go back to my room and rest. I hate weekdays. I LOVE weekends! Because it's MY time, and I can do whatever I want with it!

Christmas is coming soon, and I still haven't bought my very own b-day and christmas gift for myself. Don't know what to get for myself actually, because there is so many things that I want! Greedy ain't I? :P Oh well, like VL always say, "I don't care!"


chloe said...

hey thanks from dropping by~
better hurry up for your meeting :)
and well I hope that things will work out for us
me also need money for shopping *blush*

plue-chan said...

normal la :P
girls can never live without shopping :P