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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vote For Haze!

Today is a horrible + tiring day.

Run up and down like as though campus is a small place. Ugh~ Anyway, it helps burn the calories. :P

Finally got a confirmation for our subject and my group are allowed to proceed futher with the assignment, although we do not have the complete set of proposal that we are suppose to submit before we start the shooting, or so it says by one of the lecturers. I wonder how true is it, since the coordinator of the subject already give me the green light to go ahead, while the lecturer said we must submit this and that and bla bla bla... before you can proceed with video shooting. Bah! I don't care! Muahahaha~ By the way, the coordinator is so nice to even excuse my group for not attending his class this coming Friday to do video shooting, which means I can my attendance will still be counted but I don't need to go to class! Yippee!!!! At last, a lecturer that isn't as horrible as some of the lecturers from the same faculty I've had before.

Read Cleo today. My shopping itchiness starts coming back again. So many nice stuff up for grabs!!! I mean, it's not free, you need to pay for those nice stuff~ But, which girl can resist the temptation of such BEAUTIFUL products??? Not me, I just love to have LE stuff! They are so pretty! Wonderful! Should I make a wish list? Hurm... :D

By the way...

flip to page 144 and flip another page
see the shu uemura competition?
vote for entry no. 6, Haze Long Yen Yen!!!
thank you!

eh Haze, i already help you promote, if win, what I get ah? Muahahahahahahaha!

Tired. Shuts my eye and thinks of... shopping

ps: i got my white headband already! :D and also my pure white cardigan! yay! It's double yayness! Now I can go and sleep~~~ *smiles*


Nyokk said...

aiks what is that all about? Another girl asked me to vote too :S but dunno is it Cleo or not haha ..

plue-chan said...

it's a competiton for the shu uemura design art lo
the winner voted by readers get some great stuff
tat's why all want ppl to vote for them loo~

Nyokk said...

ohhh ... ok ok ayway ganbateh ne .. haha .. btw what happened to your shoutbox? i cant seem to post anything there

plue-chan said...

i have to upgrade it
haven found time to do so yet :P