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Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Title?

I am too darn lazy to update with pictures. Don't ask me why, because I will only give you one answer : "I just don't feel like it." Ask me another time and I will seriously shout at you till your ears go deaf! Yeah, I know this isn't nice, but hey, I gave you my answers already so stop asking me for god-knows-how-many times. My patience are extremely, extremely limited. You've got my warning, so don't make me repeat myself too many times before I go BOOM!

Enough with freaking you guys out. I did go shopping, but just plain old window shopping. Honestly, there are so many things that I want to buy until I get so bored of thinking what I should get first, I just give up and make a list of what I want to buy. Then I go home, compile it and make a check list and hopefully the next time I go out I will buy it. :P

There goes my shopping again.

Ah~ Forgot to mention, ITS had an ice breaking night. In case you guys don't know what ITS is, it stands for IT Society. ITS = IT Society. Understand? Wakarimasu ka? Comprenez? 明白吗?Faham tak? With so many language, I suppose you guys can understand right? Anyway, back to topic. The night itself was good, or so I heard, couldn't be there because of some boring meeting. >_< The turnup rate was good, at least from the new members, but the old members couldn't even bother. Sigh, what to do? I can't force people to come can I? But there's hope that ITS will survive and more programmes and events coming in. Let's cross our fingers and pray for the best.

Meanwhile, I should go check up on my shopping list. Tata!


Nyokk said...

Let me add 2 more ... verstehen Sie? and Kau chai pah? :p hehe

plue-chan said...

haven learn tat
wut i means??? :D