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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Go Where?

December already. Fast huh? Just a couple more of weeks, and there's goes the year 2006. Oh well, things happen, and I mean a lot of things that happen, still, it's a year I won't forget. Things that I'll never forget, well it's a long list, I'll save it for another day or perhaps the last day of December?

Anyway, back to my video production. Things went smoothly. My group were able to be at the location earlier before the time we had planned, our subject is really nice and friendly and super helpful!! She even offer us to take a ride in a car when she found out that we don't have our own transport. She's a great lady. Really. It's my honour to get her be my subject matter for my video production. Really learnt a lot from her. Lucky me! :D

Anyway, finally my stila's rouge orchid pallete is here!!! Wahahahahaha!!! Gonna collect it tomorrow! :D So happy~ My long awaited b-day present. :D

Next Monday is a public holiday. Hurm, where should I go? Shit, I haven't study for tomorrow's midterm! Study first before thinking of holidays :D *drools*

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