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Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Hate My Life

At 12pm later, I will have to do a presentation on my MPM. We need to show the somewhat completed project to them and let them critize before we hand in the project. Most likely everyone's project will be rejected and will need to do a lot of changes before we can finally submit it. Ugh~ That's why I hate FCM subjects. I have another one more report to hand in on Friday and I have not started anything on it yet. And on Thursday night itself I need to do some interviews for the upcoming Career Fair, I am already so short on time and I'm still joining this kind of activites, the old people would say I am jeopardising my studies and I think it's rather true.

But once Friday is over, I can relax a bit and do some Christmas shopping. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, but it's nice to be surrounded by a happy atmosphere and it would be the best if I recieve presents! Hehe... Oh, before I forget, MPM final submission in on Wednesday and OS report due on 29th December. And my next sem course registration is on Christmas. This means I don't really have any holidays. >_< Stupid.

I have a lot stuff on my wish list and I don't think I have time to list it down here. I rather now go do my assignment and go to sleep, even if it's just for a few hours. Sigh... I hate my life now.

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