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Monday, December 25, 2006


I seriously do not know what is wrong with MMU's system. My coursemate could register their subjects yesterday while I can register mine today! Either the tuorial section I want is full or other section clashes with my other subjects. What is wrong??? What did I do wrong??? I pay all my stuff, meet my academic advisor way back when the semester just started, and now I am getting shitty treatment like this? Then might as well I be one of those "last minute-ers", since I think I will get the same or better treatment like them. So many people they didn't disturb, they come and disturb me who did nothing wrong! Oh, maybe it's because I did nothing wrong? Hm... that's something to think about. Shitty MMU. Giving me shit loads of work. Now I can only pray that when the next semester starts, I can be successful in manually adding that subject.

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