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Friday, December 15, 2006

Sohma Yuki from FuruBa

Watched Fruits Basket again. Let's call it FuruBa shall we? Easier. :P I do really like Tohru, Yuki, and Kyou. But it's sad that there won't be any second season of it. I really really want to watch the second season. The manga is very detailed and the anime missed out so much! It's a must watch anime, really. Lots of funny stuff that will just melt your heart and make you cry. I cried a few times when I watched FuruBa. The manga ends at Volume 23 chapter 136. Sigh... I just need the HQ version of it from chapter 133... Anyone got? By the way, just a few pictures to show you gus. Nothing about Tohru or Kyou though, although they are cute :D

such sad looking eyes

cool huh?

he's so cute when he's a child!!

cute right? i like his shining eyes...

such a sad face...


kyliemc said...

ohh...tht's so cute!!! =>

plue-chan said...

yeap :D