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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Something Funny

x : long time no see u online lo
y : ooo
y : busy ma

x : so doing wat there now
y : d/l

x : ?
y : downloading sumthing

x : o.. how's assignment
y : >_<
y : bad

x : har... still not done ar
y : nah

x : wah
x : when due le
y : next week

x : yesterday was my darkest day
y : aiks
y : why?

x : when ride ktm, kena pok mong
y : ah?

x : by malay girl
y : OMG
y : serious?

x : yala :
y : kesian

x : from mid valley till serdang tim
y : haha
x : still can laugh
y : aiya
y : nvm la
y : ady pass lo
y : lucky ur a guy and she's a girl
y : if a guy pok mong?
x : haihzzz
x : but still she look quite ok
y : oh
y : den ok lo

x : u wont belief how dare is she
x : being good looking is a sin
y : ...
x : kena such treatment
x : very big impact on me
y : ...
y : ur too big headed i think

x : ?
y : u sure ur good looking?

x : well sure did attract malay girl tim
y : i think she accidentally wan de la
x : grabbing my pole all the way till serdang is accident?
y : den why u din bising?
x : the train was so pack till i kiap near the door there
y : aiya
y : u shud have said sumthing ma
x : she was leanning on me.. ppl see us like we r very intimate
y : =))
y : aiyo
y : u shud have said sumthing ma
y : unless ur too happy liao la
y : =))
x : brain too blank to think
x : stood there like a wood
y : means ur too excited la
y : not many ppl get this kind of chance
y : =))
x : then she wearing a tight very low 'v' cut t
y : so?
y : low cut only ma
y : never see b meh?
x : she shorter than me, leaning on me
x : mean i look down can see everything inside
y : ...
y : aiyo
y : i am 100 % sure
y : ur too excited to even say anything liao la tat time
y : summore say darkest day wah
y : isk isk
y : [- (
x : if chinese then i'm so happy la
y : ...
y : chinese and malay wat is the diff ar?
y : oso same body la
x : not same
x : malay i need change ancestor la
y : ...
y : haiz
y : happy say ur happy la
y : no need ke ke wan
y : we all noe

x : well did felt happy till a certain level
y : see
y : oso say liao la
y : den why say darkest day of ur life
y : sien >_<
x : very embraress la
y : =))
y : aiyo
y : this kind of things
y : if u enjoy, tat's why u din say anything ma
y : if u dun enjoy
y : sure u bising at her liao
y : = ))
x : :">
y : i dun think i've got any respect for u liao la...
mind think of somthing else, but den mouth say another thing
x : hei hei.. not like tat
y : aboh then?
x : my feeling tat time was /
y : is wat? is wat?
x : is scare
y : = happy? = angry?
y : ....
x : is shock+happy+angry
x : then i can't even move my arm
x : to push her away
y : just say in front of her face u dun like it la
x : i did
y : den?
x : she grinded
y : den u shud have shouted
y : dun u noe defend urself ka?
y : >_<
x : chicken out to shout
y : ...
y : ur a wuss
y : haiz
y : so sad to see a friend, summore a guy so pathetic
x : ppl at encounter la
x : duno wat to do
y : u will the 2nd and 3rd time liao de la... trust me
y : =))

x : dun wan anymore d lo
y : oh well
y : dunno la
y : good luck lo next time

x : ppl st time nearly gone
y : =))

x : need laugh so loud mou
y : just an expression ma
y : ;))

x : now de girls really .....
y : haha
y : it's ur lucky encounter
y : to see some diff aspect of girls

x : haha can say like tat also
y : :)

x : but in such situation
y : oh well
y : u have more chances next time

x : more? no thx later gf find of.. ripped of my ear
y : hahaha
y : it's not really ur fault
x : like u say i did nth
y : erm true la
x : assume i enjoy to the fullest
y : since u say st time happen
y : u blur lo
y : haiya
x : the i sure dead meat
y : ur future gf will understand
y : or u dun tell her lo
x : tell d lo
y : ah?
y : u told how many ppl?
x : u nia
y : ...
y : ...
x : :D
y : ...

Just something funny. Laugh if you want. Or perhaps you can feel sorry for X. But I doubt any of you would.

Actual names have been changed to protect the identities of the 2 people involved. If you know who's X and Y, just shut up and don't say anything.

This tells us that girls can be a pervert, not only guys, although guys are always the perverted ones compared with girls. Guys can say no if you want to, but I still don't care! Girls should be aware of guys, and guys should be aware of girls, although girls are always in a much more dangerous state than guys. :P


Michy said...
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XZ*** said...

whoa~ LMAO...

plue-chan said...

darn funny :P

kyliemc said...

hahaha....really funny!!!but hor...d way d guy confessed his feelings 4 tht gurl in d end is even more hilarious

plue-chan said...

this one...
he's a bit siao la :P