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Sunday, January 07, 2007

2006 Gone

2006 gone. Just like that. It felt like it was just a dream from yesterday. I don't remember much, but I know I have been through a lot and life has been busy for me. However, I do know a few things:

1. My crazy shopping sprees

Maybe it's stress, or maybe I am addicted to shopping or maybe because I just wanted to shop like crazy and not care about anything, but I know crazy shopping sprees can't last forever, because I don't have unlimited cash or a credit card that will never run out of money. I enjoy shopping, but I think there should be a limit. Therefore, I'm going to try and cut down buying things on impulse. I will make a list of what I should be buying and budget myself to refrain myself from overspending and again, buying on impulse. But I doubt I can do well in this. >_< It’s too tempting!

2. Life has been busy

Yeah, life in 2006 was never calm. It was filled with assignments, exams, meetings, the occasional get together with my bunch of close friends and whatever that could happen during the course of 2006. I think I should relax more often, take things easy and try not to stress myself too often. I'll be happier and my body will be happier too.

3. I get sick too easily

Anyone who knows me can tell you I am someone who gets sick very often, especially after an assignment submission or because of food poisoning. My stomach is very weak and sensitive, ever since I had a serious problem of food poisoning somewhere during early last year or the year end before last year. I always get fever and sore throat, which always makes me go crazy since I am someone who is always up and about. >_< This year, I’ll try to make my body stronger. But...I'm still recovering from food poisoning. Sad, huh? Oh well, wish me luck. Health is the hardest thing to come by.

I don't have a lot of New Year Resolutions, because I know I can't keep them well. Let's see how this year goes. Horoscope forecast for my star sign shows that I've rather nice wealth luck and love luck this year. :P Hopefully this will be a good year for me, whatever it is.


Nyokk said...

haha best is not to have any resolutions :p

plue-chan said...

kinda if u tend to break them
but so far i am keeping one of them :P

XZ*** said...

i got many resolutions leh!!!
come come we try to keep them together :P
try not to fail this time... zzzzz