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Friday, January 12, 2007

Time To Play!

Currently filling up my time with either watching TV(seldom), mahjong(at night), online(morning and seldom), Final Fantasy XII and study some French.

I seldom watch TV because either I'll be playing the PS2 or I'm at my PC. Enough said.Hehe. I watch TV usually at night, accompanying my dad and most likely I watch it because it's House or CSI series. :D

If not, I'd playing mahjong with my yongest sis and dad. Warming up for Chinese New Year, but well again, not really. Just want to play because it's fun! Last night my dad went bankrupt and my sis just left 10 cent. All of us started with RM5, so you do the math on how much I won. :D Tonight I want to "shou toi"! Mahjong players should know what it means. Heh~

Seldom online because either my dad don't like it or I keep dc-ing. Grrr... Hate that. Can't do any decent downloading also. >_< Oh well, I'll wait till I get back to Cyber and start hammering the FTPs. :D

Ah~ Final Fantasy XII reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy X and IX. Vaan looks kinda like Tidus and Zidane. All three has yellowish and rather long hair, and those boyish look on their faces. Voice acting so far is ok, Vaan's voice is kinda nice while Tidus's voice gets a bit irritating at times. I wonder how would it be like if Tidus has Vaan's voice. Hm... The graphics are superb! Really smooth even in battles. FFXII gameplay is slightly different than the previous FF series, although their license board concept and sphere grid concept(FFX) is almost the same, it's pretty easy to use. Gameplay is like action RPG, I'm kinda slow so it took me quite a while to get used to it. Other than that, quite easy to handlealthough I hate the thought of hammering my controller. :P By the way, I'm looking forward to maximise the Gambit system. Hehe...

Currently that's about all. :D Time to play!


gs20 said...

arr! nobody play mahjong with me X-(

plue-chan said...

poor guy~~~~