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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Brain Is Screaming!

PC got infected by a damn trojan. So I formatted it. Started the process at 8.30pm, Sunday 11th Feb 2007. Completed at 2pm++ Monday 12th Feb 2007.


Didn't sleep from 8.30pm till 7am, and then got up because of a stupid message and continued working on my PC, and got it up and running around 2pm. Thank god!

Never mess with stupid trojans. By the way, I hate IE even more now!

Weird emotions are still around. Larry said I should fix it as soon as possible, before I burned myself out. I think I'm already burning half of myself. >_<

Think too much. Brain gets too tired. In the end, you are left with nothing but just a pile of mess.


Cholic said...

awww *pats* how did u get the trojan in ur PC then? :/

plue-chan said...

i oso dunno
weird wan de la...