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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Never Believe 从来不相信

I never believed in God
Maybe it's because He never loves me
Maybe it's because I never believed in Him
Why believed in Him when He has never loved me?
Why should He love me when I've never believed in Him?



Jad [Alt] Kaizer said...

God. He may be there. Or He may be not. He may be everywhere and anywhere around us. Or He could be somewhere enjoying his cappucino.

But either way, He shouldn't bother with our lives. Because He's not the one in charge of our lives - when we ourselves are.

Live a full life, and be happy for ourselves. :)

plue-chan said...

heh~ i guess so...
but every now and then, i still wish for some magic... sumone to be there u noe... :)
it's just... too tiring to stand up on ur own...

feenux said...

if He doesn't care about you, would you get what you want as you have it today? you feel like you should have the love from God as in men's way, then that's why you are saying such :) for me, i believe that God loves all of us. He created us. Why won't He love us? He loves every of His creation as how you'd love your baby or anything that you do.

I had many downfalls before and I don't remember that God is watching me the whole time, even now. I kept myself in my own world and I treated myself like a sh*t. But after that, I talked to him and i continued to thank him in every way, that's when my life started to get better. I uphold every of my stuffs onto Him and trust me, prayer works.

One thing is for sure, that every time you have succeeded in something, you'd say "Thank God" no doubt :] you're thanking Him for the things you have 'won' and He is obviously happy.

God loves you even when you don't believe in Him or you hate Him so much. To prove it, recall back anyone who hates you but you love him/her. Do you still love that person although he/she may never like you once again?

You'd cry when your friend hates you.
Same thing goes to Him..

Anonymous said...

miracles would happen one day.
if you only would consider that as a miracle.

something good that you don't expect it'll happen but it did :]

Anonymous said...

you said "it's just... too tiring to stand up on ur own..."

Then how you want to be not tired?
Do you want someone to take over your problems and all you've to do is just sit there and laze around? Well, Jesus died for us on the cross for our sins. He has been betrayed, spitted on, stoned, critisized, and nailed on the cross. He even wore the thorns around his head! Don't you think it's painful?

He is the way to our Father :]

Honestly, God is please with you in everything that you did. Like you helped your friends who are in trouble. Or your family to do housework. He'll add blessings onto you for every good deeds you've done with your sincere heart :) I know from your posts that you are a really good person and Ann is pleased to have you :]

God Bless You!
And dont' forget, when you are all by yourself, God is always there and He loves you very much :]


p.s: it it not wrong to love someone who don't love you back :]

plue-chan said...


thanks for the advice yeah~ but prayers dun work for me most of the time. I work hard keeping myself up all the time becuz if i pray to God everytime i am having some probs and hoping He'd come and save me, i guess it just won't work. Maybe some of you would say, maybe God's been watching over you while you work hard and gave you the success you deserve to have. maybe it's true, maybe it's not. But still, God don't love those who love themselves. Hehe.

plue-chan said...


i wud appreciate it if you wud use ur name or sumthing. :)

it's tiring... i have my own sets of problems and well, i sumtimes just wish sumone wud just help me solve the whole thing. Just a wishful tot tho. :P

feenux said...

all the previous posts are mine :]

If you don't believe or have faith that Help would come, why want to hope so much for Help to save you? Isn't it?

God loves everyone, as I've mentioned before. When you love yourself more, you'd think that intelligence + other talents you have come from your own hard work, not Him. You'd be thinking that other people are not as smart as you. Ok, so you're not this kind of person. But everyone have such thoughts. And soon, you'll be proud and look down on people.

God is watching your every moves. You don't have to tell him anything and He knows. He knows what you are thinking, even at this moment. But He wants you to tell Him your problems. He is just like your father. If you don't tell him what's wrong, would he know what's happening? How can he help you then? You'd be mourning over your sadness and stuffs when he doesn't even know anything. So no use pointing fingers at Him saying that He doesn't help you. He is trying His best but you didn't give Him the chance to show you :]

He blessed those who pleases Him. It is true. It happens even in your family. If you do good in your studies, your parents would reward you. If your sis/bro do better, your parents would reward them more. This is just an example of the blessings thingy.

I think that you didn't read my comments before writing back :) Well, everyone is tired! But God is not. He is THERE to help you. request for
`Strength when you are tired.
`Wisdom when you're falling behind in studies
`Mindful/Awareness when you think you are blur


There's one thing I need to share with you because it happened to me once and it's funny. I've been wanting things in my prayer to work fast! I can't wait and I'm not the person who likes to wait. So, there's one brother from Aus prophecised me. He said that God wants me to wait and be patient. He has His timing. It is true. I was worried over my loan thing. As you know, in MMU ma. So, I really really hope He'd help and thinking that it is done. Last 2 weeks, it is done! I prayed about this 2 months ago. You don't know how happy I was! It means that I don't need to burden my family anymore. And, prayer works.

Another story is about when I was sick. I've posted it in my blog, you can read :) I was down with high fever and headache. Usually with this kind of sickness, it'll take probably 3 days for me to get better. At night, I get worse. But I didn't go to see doctor. Why? Because that night, my church got Healing Session. People prayed for me. And next day, I am back to myself. Prayer works again. Still don't believe?

How about a deaf girl who couldn't hear but after prayer, she can? How about the girl who can't speak but after prayer, she can? How about a really old man who had been sitting on the wheel chair for years but after prayer, he can walk? All these happened on that Healing Session itself. Prayer works. No facts are hidden.

Not all of your prayers would work now. If you don't recall what you have prayed before, then, you won't know that He is the one helping you! Maybe in your studies or life. Anything. Even your relationships *wink*.

feenux said...

Oh, forget to tell you one more thing. There's a man about 40+ who carried a large tank of oksigen to the church. He has been having lung problems for don't know how long. Then after prayer, he felt that his lungs are better. And he doesn't need the tank anymore. You think it's funny? Me too! But it's the truth that God healed them all. Including me :) Through prayer and faith..

As what is written in the bible,
Matt 21:22 "If you believe, you will receive whatever thing you ask"

Still have doubts about God? Ok...let me ask you something. How do you know a watch is created by someone? Everything is created by someone, true? Same goes to the Earth. God creates the Earth. And everything is under His authority. He created Adam and Eve too, I think you know the story :]

p.s: your wish will come true if you uphold yourself onto him and all of your problems together. He is there to help you. Come on, there's someone to help you, why not let Him to help, right? He is like your friend. He is there. All you have to do is just ask.

I do not lie to you anything in here as I do not lie anything about God. I know Ann and you're a close friend of hers. So, I am not someone who would think that it's a waste of time helping people. It is a wonderful thing to know that you posted this topic in the blog. I felt that you know God but you just need some answers to your doubts. If you have anything to ask more, to make things clear, do drop by my blog and leave a tag :] or ask Ann for my number, aight?

Hope you'd enjoy your days as you had yesterday..

plue-chan said...

thanks dear~

well, maybe I still haven't really accepted Him in my life yet,so alot of wat you said to me, I dun quite understand it or can really appreciate what God has done for me.

Maybe when the time comes, i'll see things differently.

anyway, thanks alot yeah :)
altho ur a sumone i dunno and neither u noe me, but still u cared. thanks. :) a caring tot always helps.