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Monday, March 12, 2007

Busy Busy Busy...

I am so absent minded!!!!

I think I accidentally left my Tokyo Juliet drama at home!!!! And now I can't watch in hostel anymore!!! *sob sob* What shall I do now?? Don't know when am I going home again. >_< Nevermind, I shall watch 爱情魔戒 (Magic Ring). I haven't watch it till now. Hehe. :D

I went home during the weekends, and guess what? 元畅 decided to leave a message in the forum on 10th March and 吴尊 deleted all the old messages so that we can leave new messages on 9th march! I missed out on both~~~ *sob sob* But nevermind, at least I still get to read the message 元畅 left, and I know one of my message for 吴尊 has been deleted, which meant he has already read it! :D At least it's something good.

Oh god, this week I need to reschedule myself. Right from assignments to my own life. Too messy and too many things are piling up. Not good.

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