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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Free Food!

Had a free dinner (actually it's food tasting) at IOI Marriott Hotel. The place is really nice and elegant and the food there is great! We had an 8 course Chinese meal and were so stuffed!

Me, Ann, Ganaesh, Rozita, Lina, Natalie, Clair, Elaine and Souffi were there for the food tasting. It's for the Mumbo Jambo Nite. We wanted to make sure that the food is worth the money that students are paying and to check out whether do we need to change the menu or not.

Anyway, the best part was getting to know everyone better and I was practically laughing my heads off almost the whole course of the meal! Rozita is so humorous!!! We had a great time. :D Pictures of the food are with Lina and no one has it yet I think. If anyone has it, do let me know so I can post it here okay?

Free + yummy food = stuffed tummy.

What else can I want for dinner?

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