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Friday, March 30, 2007

Got Praised!

Today is such a happy day!

Our group for Cross Cultural Management presentation actually got complimented by our rather fussy lecturer!!! Super happy okay?

The 2 groups before us got some positive and negative comments from both lecturer and students while our group, all were POSITIVE comments!

Our lecturer said that we were confident and we know what we talking about. To get such a compliment from her is such a wonderful thing!!!

Then students, (our classmates) also said that we were very well planned and the structure of the presentation was done very well. :D And during the Q&A session, after we finished answering their questions, some of the students even gave us a thumbs up!

They are so supportive and encouraging!!!

So happy that the presentation ended well even though we didn't have much time to practice or even prepare for the presentation. I should count my lucky stars~


snowwie said...

wooooooo pandai nyeee plue..~~

well we always get compliment in presentions >:P except from progress check, maybe they praise until sien liao gua..

LOL. okay just joking. i sound like bragging. LOL!!

plue-chan said...

u ah~~~
bragging does sound like u~
demo sa~~~ kawaii des!
me like! LOL!