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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy~ Happy~~Tra La La~~~

Today is a happy day. And I really mean it!!!

Good things happened today. :D And it's great~~~ And now I feel like bursting into tears already!

Today, me, fann and voon lee went to MV after their class. Got stuck in a jam for like 1 hour ++, but it was worth the wait!

We had yummy sushi and some Japanese rice and udon... I don't remember the name already. Fann, do you still remember? Hehe~ After dinner, we went to Momoe and tried on some beanies and caps. :D Fann and me made a promise to wear it together to classes when she have found the ultimate beanie! Fann, it's a promise yeah! I got myself a cheap but nice ring, Ann bought a bandana and a bracelet while Voon Lee got nothing. I think I wanna scout for a beanie also. Hehe.

Then from there we went to Giordano where Ann got her T-shirts. The rest of us went to Voir to check out some stuff. Tried on loads of caps again. :D We are vain. Very vain.

We headed off to MPH to grab our copy of "The World Is Flat" so that hopefully we can start reading and doing our book review as soon as possible. It was Miss Read next. Ann went there to check out the designs while the 3 of us hanged out at a stall in front of Watson when Fann got her denim bag. :D I want to get the cute and colourful pencil case from there too!

We meet up with Ann and went to our last stop, Nose and Starbucks. Voon Lee got herself a pair of slippers, while I set my eyes on a nice pair of silver greyish pumps :D I am gonna go and get it tomorrow. I hope still got my size. *prays* Finally, me and Ann got our Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino. I got mine for free! I have a voucher you see *gleams!* Ann wasn't suppose to have anything cold, but she wouldn't listen to us. Aih~

We went to Fann's house after MV. Her place is warm and cosy. And all of us were shocked to see her Korean and Japanese posters and collectibles! So many of them and all so pretty!!!!! Next time we go Times Square together! Go on a crazy hunt! :D

On the way back, we talked about plans for the weekends and during semester break. Might be going to my hometown for a nice weekend break. :D Away from the hustle and bustle from the city. Nothing has been set yet, because there are still some issues needed to sort out first. :D I hope everything work out just the way we want it. :D

Upon reaching Cyber, we saw a few BMWs and a few of them have tinted windows. We felt it was suspicious and we decided to follow them. Maybe it is some celebrity or anything like that, since there's a police car escorting them too. Turned out that it was nothing, just a few BMWs cruising around at Cyber area and finally stop at Padi/ Old Town for a drink. It's just our guess. No one knows why they are there either. :P

Finally, back in hostel and typing this long entry. :D While I was typing this, someone notified me in MSN that 吴尊 is deleting the old messages from his fans. Which means I stand a chance to leave him a message! I quickly type out what I wanted to say and posted it. Finally, my message made it into his guestbook! It wasn't being kicked out like the few other times when I tried leaving a message because it was full.


Can you imagine this?


Today is my happiest day!!!


ann_asilem said...

Today lucky day for u lah .... ur darling got 2 read ur entry ... haha i had a great time to day ..thanx for hanging out with me ya

plue-chan said...

anytime la :D
i oso wanna say thanks for hanging out with me loo :D
we go out again together with everybody~~~
BBQ, and puppies at my home~~~~ :D