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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life Is Miserable

Sometimes, life is miserable.

You feel restless, not knowing what to do. *even though you have plenty of things that you need to do.*

You don't feel like seeing anyone. *even though you love hanging out with friends.*

You don't feel like eating anything. *even though your best friend may tempt with your favourite food, and you still don't feel like eating.*

You don't feel like going out. *even though your hobby is shopping.*

Then you stay inside your room, not coming out. Because you don't feel like getting out of your room. *even though your parents will nag you and you still won't come out.*

Life's miserable, when you don't know what to do.


snowwie said...

plue :( wat happen to u :( hope u'r fine *pokes*

cheer up kay :) life aint miserable if you found the existence of happiness :D

plue-chan said...

no problem de la
me always like this :P
moody :D