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Friday, March 02, 2007

Our Gang!

This is a request from my dearest roomie, Ann. Hehe. Her birthday is today, well, I suppose this is some kind of an online present for her. :D

She wanted to know how I think each and everyone of us in our gang. Well, here goes!


My dear roomie for Gamma year and I suppose it will stay the same till Delta year. Also my coursemate. Hehe. We skip classes together. Sometimes in the morning, if she sees me still sleeping, she would go to sleep again and forgets about our class. The same happens to me too! But sometimes, we would wake each other up when time's up. :D Always the happy-go-lucky kind, watches dramas and animes and movies NON STOP if you ever get her started watching them. Loves chocolates, but sadly she can't eat them now. Ann, you are NOT allowed to eat chocolates or drink any cold stuff, not until you recover!

Voon Lee

Short and smalled size, but packs a punch! She's into martial arts, but is willing to throw it away if the whole bunch of us are going out! Kekekeke~ She loves drama so who wants drama can ask from her. Her favourite quote "anything la!", "you all like la!", "I don't care!" You can always hear say this almost everyday when we ask her to decide on things like who's the group leader, what to eat and so on. Too "cincai" I would say. Hehe. By the way, she's a semi coursemate of mine too! Her partner in crime is none other than Hooi Ting! :D And one more thing, whenever we mention anything about food, she'll be the first one to suggest we go to Teluk Gong!

Teck Fann

Fann Fann, is how I always like to call her. She's my coursemate and is very polite, and a rather detailed person. Very hardworking too! Is very into Japanese and Korean stuff. The one who provides me with nice Jpop and Kpop and nice pictures too! Anything you wanna know about Japan and Korean, she's the right one to go to! By the way, she looks very Japanese after her new hair cut! :D Kawaii ne! Quoted this from someone: "I don't dare to disturb her, she's always too serious." Is this true? Hmm... But, once you get to know her, she's not what you first thought she is. Trust me, we all know about it. :D Fann Fann, when you go to Times Square, do let me know! I am so going with you already!!!!!! :D


My anime provider, anime OST provider, Chinese MP3 provider... and a whole list goes on and on! I think she never fails to go home every week. She loves to go home and everytime she goes home, she'll be the one updating me what anime is nice to watch or maybe what is nice to listen to. :D Always an updater! Kekeke~ keep up the good work yeah! :D Not a coursemate, but I still see her in some classes since we have a few same subjects.

Hooi Ting

This girl, very fair and tall! Envious! A semi coursemate, and a coursemate to Voon Lee. She loves eating, but sadly she can't anything that contains milk and chicken. She's allergic to them. Neither she can eat beef too. So currently her favourite is PORK! She's into martial arts, just like Voon Lee, but she won't simply skip them for the sake of going out with us. She is also a drama fanatic! Can try asking her for TVB dramas, she's sure to have them!

Min Min

A sweet girl who never fails to go home. Used to be Ann's roomate until I became Ann's roomie. Hehe. Used to hang out with us but now not as often as she used to, maybe becaused she no longer takes any subjects that we are taking, and she's not our coursemate either, so it's hard to see her around. I miss her. A lot.


Another very Japanese looking girl! Very sweet, quiet and soft, but goes crazy when she's in Red Box! Always missing a lot of our gatherings for some "unknown" reasons. Hehe. You know I know God knows, Joanne. Kekekeke~ It's nice to disturb her sometimes in class, but there are even better people to disturb in class! I'm not going to mention any names, but you know who you are!

Finally it's done! :D Kekekeke~ This is what I think, any mistakes don't come hitting me okay? :D

Tomorrow after class we go Midvalley! Winnie, you sure you can't come? Hehehehe!

By the way, I am still thinking whether should I put our photos here or not... Hehehehe~~~

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