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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Picture Updates!

Updates updates~~~

Picture updates!!!

At Gasoline, Sungai Wang 6th floor~

4 crazy girls!

me and fann fann

Shopping spree~

black heels from Nose :D

purple tee from Petaling street

top left till right: greyish silver, light purple, darker shade of purple
center: creamy gold, summer silver
last: champange
* i don't remember the names, so I just gave the names according to their colours :P

left till right: crowning glory, silvery nite, mystic rbbons, the bling queen!
* all names have been created by me and me alone. copyrighted and patented. it is MY trademark. by the way, I was wearing the mystic ribbons when Fann said I look like hime-chan. :D

grey beanie from Fourskin, Fann also have this in black too!

camwhoring take 1 :P

camwhoring take 2!

and finally camwhoring take 3! my favourite!


ann_asilem said...

waaaaaaaaaa .... i went missing for a few hours u bought so much ah .... so many eye shadow ...o

plue-chan said...

kesian u
who ask u pigi see friend? :P

ann_asilem said...

sob sob *** ..... haiz i regret lor now

kyliemc said...

whoa...plue!!!shopping spree wor!!! jealous

plue-chan said...

come come and join the fun kylie!

plue-chan said...

ann...dun regret
got chance de :D