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Monday, March 05, 2007


Straighten my hair yesterday, rather happy with it. :D I've been wanting to do it since don't know when, and I've finally done it! Pictures not so soon, maybe later. Or maybe not. :P Hehehe~

吴尊 updated his blog, which is a nice for me, and I've finally gotten the New Year Special programme! :D Thanks to Snowwie! And I've got some clue to where I can get my Tokyo Juliet drama already~ Happy happy happy~~~

But alot of work has to to be done... *sob sob*

I hate Cyber. At times. :P


ann_asilem said...

:(( i wanna cry ady .... too much information overload niaaaaaaaaaaa .... all last minute planning ... sob sob**... feel like DOOMS day is approaching

plue-chan said...

dun cry la...
me oso ma~~~

snowwie said...

snowwie was here >:) juliet babeh!!

plue-chan said...

finally got my tokyo juliet liao
here i come!

snowwie said...

HE IS MINE! *hands off*

mwahahaha >:)

plue-chan said...

ah~ i forgot liao
ahahahahaha :P
纪风亮 give you... :P
i wan 杜竞航