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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Gone out to KL area yesterday with Fann, VL and Ann. Ganaesh was there too, but he left halfway, because he was too bored and couldn't stand us girls being in one shop for too long. :P Ganaesh, you really gotta get used to this you know? If not, life is never gonna be easy for you when you get yourself a girlfriend. :P

Anyway, we went out yesterday mainly was to get price quotation for Mumbo Jambo Nite. It's a prom night that will be held in IOI Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya on the 13th April 2007,okay? Ann and Ganaesh is in the site management team, so they had to go and see the stuff themselves, while me, VL and Fann just tagged along for fun.

Then our craziness started...

VL bought herself 2 long pants which are very similar in colour. =_=''' I bought myself a purple tee which I need to do some altering myself. Hehe... Fann went crazy and bought 4 cropped pants at Petaling Street! And then she dragged me to Central Market and went crazy over the beanies she found there. She bought 3 of them right on the spot after uncountable times of trying them all. Black, white and brown right, Fann? I'm sure you are really happy right now. I wanted the beanies too, but it's a bit out of my budget for the moment, so I didn't buy. Sigh... but at least I know where to get them now. Hehe. And then Fann told us that she's not buying anymore things. She said she's already broke. Do you believe her?

After Central Market, we headed to Sungai Wang and Times Square. I finally bought my grey beanie at Sungai Wang!!! Wee~~~~ Happy!!! And Fann broke her promise, she bought the same beanie like mine except it's in black colour!!! See, cannot believe her! :P Anyway, I also bought my heels for prom night, 2 cute hairbands (Fann said that when I wore them, I look like hime-chan, which stands for looking very princess-y. Wee~~~~ I am a princess afterall! :P) What else did I bought? Hm... Purple eyeshadows and also a sheet mask. I think that's all. Hehe.

Ann and VL also bought their shoes for prom, but still haven't found the right accessories yet. I guess they will be needing more time, and I can stop my hunts already! I've got everything!!! Totemo ureshiii des!!! Super happy!!!

As for Fann, her last purchased item was the black beanie. And that's that. She kept her word. Finally. Hehe.

We had dinner at a place called Gasoline. The interior design is refreshing! Me like! We chose a somewhat look like a Japanese dining area to have our dinner. We had to sit on some cushions and there were short tables, just like as though those fancy Japanese restaurants. :D And then, we started being crazy again. First we did this Indian dance, then some crazy hip hop dance like pose and ... Whatever dance that came into our minds. :P You know, people who passes by can actually see what we are doing and we totally forgot about that! When we finally remembered, I don't know how many people have already passed by us and looking at us with a weird and funny face. :P All of us just burst out laughing when we thought about it. I even said that we should say "Hi" to the next person who passes by. Hehe. We are a bunch of crazy people.

Baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka

It was really a happy and funny day! Super happy!

Fann, next time we go shopping together again okay? Save up money for now first! :P]

* Minor updates: I bought another 4 more eyeshadows, 2 greyish silver and 2 champange gold. Oh yeah, I bought another 2 more hairbands! One with 3D crown and another is super bling-y! Happy!!!


snowwie said...

shopping?! how come everyone else went shopping except mEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. unfair.

mwahah but im going spore for shopping next week. how's that >:P

gasoline tell me where, sounds so nice.

plue-chan said...

sungai wang 6th floor!
u can't miss it~!
cuz they got wheel barows for seats! :D
i think in front of it is a japs resturant
next week u pigi shopping do let me noe what u buy...
i kepoh :P