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Friday, April 06, 2007


Today is really a happy day.


I woke up at around 9 something today, wash up and then got ready for class. I got a presentation today you see. So I thought of checking up my presentation slides and go through them one more time before I leave for class.

And here's the loveliest suprise!

吴尊 was clearing his messages in his guestbook at that time!

I took the opportunity and left him a message and then I went to class, smiling happily like as though I won a lottery ticket or something.

Class. Presentation. When my presentation was done, the tutor said good presentation! in front of the whole class! And I was the only one who got that compliment! *blushes*

And then I thought to myself that there's no perfect presentation in this world, so I went to see my tutor after the class end to see what I could improve on. And he just gave me this sentence, "Your presentation is very good." And that's it. =_='''

But nevermind. After lunch with Fann and Winnie, I went back to the room and took a short nap befoe my next class. When I got to class, class was actually canceled!!! Wasted my time of getting up and going to class and the weather is so hot!

After getting back to the room, I decided not to sleep but instead on my PC and get some work done.

And here's the next suprise!

吴尊 is clearing his messages in his guestbook again!

I again left him a message and then I browse through some of the messages that his other fans left for him. Apparently he was clearing messages starting from 2 something in the morning right until now I think. I'm not too sure whether is there any in between breaks or not, but so far from the timeframe in his guestbook, he has been clearing messages in the wee hours~

Hm... I wonder is it because he's too free or because he had no work today? Hm... that's a question that I don't want to think of. Lazy.

Oh yeah, other than today's 2 messages, I've also left him one message on Tuesday (3rd April 2007).

And he updated his blog with a very nice picture of him!

At least I found something good in the midst of crazy assignments~

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