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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Free!

I'm finally back! Finally free from all those hectic work~ Week 12 is a killer week, because it is ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION time!

Monday and Tuesday were disasterous. On Monday me and Ann were rushing for TCN assignment, and we can't solve the errors that keeps popping up! Voon Lee was very kind to come help us out and in the end, me, Ann and Voon Lee stayed up the whole night trying to solve the problem. At 8am sharp I left for class to submit the partially completed assignment and report. I don't rally care already whether is it done or not, because the lecturer said that he would rather see original unfinished work rather than copied finished work. Ugh~ I HATE this subject! And darn it! Next Monday I have to be back in campus for a stupid demo! There goes my one week holiday~ *sob sob* And thanks Voon Lee for all your help, although the damn thing didn't work out. *hugs*

After submitting TCN, I had an one hour nap. After that I got ready for BTD presentation. I didn't prepare anything at all except for the compiled slides because all of my groupmates, including me were busy with TCN. But thank god the presentation went well and we got compliments from our lecturer.

Me, Ann and Teck Fann had lunch together at Padi and saw Mr. Norman there. Wonder who's that girl? Anyway, after lunch we went back. Me and Ann took a nap. Around 4.45pm I got up and started working on my half compiled case studies. For your information, I have 9 case studies, 1 standalone case study and a convention to create. Ugh~ Time to get busy! Around 5.45pm, I compiled about 6 or 7 cases and quickly save them into my thumbdrive. I wanted to shut down the PC by 6pm because there will be a major power shutdown accross the whole campus and DO NOT want all my work to go down into the drain becuase I couldn't save it in time. The PC was already in shutting down mode when suddenly the fan stop moving and my PC went blank. Damn! No electric and my PC was just about to shut down already! How unlucky! What to do? Stupid hostel.

So I took my shower and got ready to get away from hostel. I need power supply to complete my work! Although it was stated that the power shutdown would only last for 45 minutes, but in reality it lasted for 2 hours! Thank god I was smart enough to save everything in my thumbdrive and manage to get to somewhere else to do my work.

Finally, around 2am, I FINISHED all of my case studies and whatever that should be done!!! I can finally sleep in peace!!!!

At 6.30pm, I finally handed up the thick file over to Mr. Omar and declare FREEDOM DAY! Can sleep without worries now. :D

I still have a stupid demo, a presentation and one more report to submit, but it's no big deal, because it's so much more easier compare to the life I had the last two days. :P

Ah, forgot to note that on April 22nd 2007, once again I left a message on 吴尊 blog. :D Pictures will be updated soon! So be patient!



Larry said...

The power outage was because of TNB la...they did notify us on bulletin board that there will be a power cut from 6pm.

poor hostel la....

snowwie said...

sniffffffffffff where are u...tot u dissapeared?

siaozer plue said...


they said from 6 till 6.45pm ma
but drag till so long


i'm back loo :D
with pics too!