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Monday, April 16, 2007

Long Update!

It has been a long time since I've updated anything on the blog. :)

Well, life is hectic starting from this week onwards, because all assignments will need to be done by next week. And I haven't started a single thing yet!!! Crazy right?

I'll start a little bit of storytelling starting on April 12th 2007 till April 14th 2007 okay? :P

April 12th 2007

It was a lovely day. I manage to leave another message on 吴尊 guestbook at around 8am due to the fact I could no longer sleep. I went to my Microecons tutorial class and then found out that BTD tutorial has been cancelled. I was contemplating whether to skip Microecons lecture or should I attend it. Finally I decided not to attend the class and instead went to Fann's house to try out prom night's makeup. :P I brought along everything and then starting drawing my face. Hehe. It has been so long since I've last touch makeup and put them on my face. Fann, Winnie and Voon Lee also tested the makeup on their face so that they know what to expect during the real event. :D Went back to hostel around 9.30pm after a nice dinner with Fann and Winnie. By the time I bath and did my mask, it was already 2.30am and I make myself to go to bed although I don't quite feel like it.

April 13th 2007

Tonight is the Mumbo Jambo Nite! So excited!!!! Woke up rather early today because I need to go to the hotel to help out with the last minute preparation. Help out with the sortings of the goodie bags and some other miscellaneous stuff and it was already 3pm. Fann, Winnie and Voon Lee arrived and we hurried into the hotel room we booked earlier and get ourselves ready for the night. Fann took the longest to dress up because of her yukata so her makeup was done last. I did the makeup for Voon Lee and Winnie earlier. After the makeup, Voon Lee took off her glasses and changed into contact lenses. But because it was her first time wearing contact lense, she took a very long time to wear it. And when she finally manage to wear it, her eyeshadow were all gone! I had to do the makeup for her again. After dollying them up, it was finally my turn. Took me a rather long time to make myself up. Hehe... But anyway, I think the colours all turn out nicely. :) That's the most important right?

Before the event started, I help out in ushering the people and also VIPs. When the event started, I get to enjoy yummy food! And we took quite a number of pictures too! :D Will later upload when I have the time... This week is just too busy, maybe after next Wednesday when I've settled all of my assignments. Hehe... All of us danced like crazy that night, everyone was enjoying themselves to the max! :D

Got back to the hotel room around 1++ in the morning, Christina, Lina and her boyfriend, Mary and Nikki stop by to have a look. By the time they left, it was 2.30am and I had to go to bed as there's work to do in the morning.

April 14th 2007

Supposed to wake up at 7++ in order to get back to Cyber, but all of us overslept. I guess we were too tired then. I was the first to wake up at 9 and woke Fann up. Then we clean ourselves and left the hotel at around 9.45am. We got back to Cyber and manage to eat a nice breakfast at Old Town. By 11am, we got back to MMU and I met up with Zaid, the trip leader for ITS Melaka tour. They were here to tour around MMU Cyber and to get a feel of this place before the Alpha students make the decision of whether to come over here or not to take their degree programme. Around 2pm, everything ended. I went back to the room and bathed. Then I got ready to see my sister. Wanted to go shopping but was too tired and in the end, I took a long nap. By the time I got up it was already 8 something at night, I got ready to go eat dinner. Suddenly my sis told me that she wants to go to RedBox to accompany her friend. Apparently her friend is feeling down and wanted to go to RedBox to have some fun and so I followed. Because the place was full, we had to wait a while. Around 1.30am we finally got ourselves a place and starting singing. It was my first time. Hehe.... We had some food, some kampai (taste weird but still okay) and some mixed juice. We sang and sang till around 5am in the morning before I drag myself back to the room and finally some rest. By the way, I purposely pick songs that featured 吴尊 so that I can see and drool over him more and more! He's such a cute guy!

Finally, Sunday came. I got up around 12 something and had something light for lunch. And then I buried myself in tonnes of work which continue right up till today...

I hope everything ends soon. I just want to go shopping and then go home and play my FFXII~

I miss papa and my bed and my PS2~~~


snowwie said...

me wanna see picssssssssssssss

siaozer plue said...

miahahaha~ soon
be patient loo :D