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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Birthday Treat + Crazy Night!

May 3rd and 4th was Winnie's and Ting's birthday. As friends, we decided to treat both of them to a buffet style steamboat at Sunway. :D

We left Cyber around 8.30pm and arrive at Sunway around 9pm. Before that, Winnie was already asking me where were we as she was waiting in Sunway alone. Really sorry my dear~ Fann was having her meeting so we couldn't get there earlier. :) Please understand okay?

Luckily Fann booked a place earlier, if not I don't think we can get a seat that fast. The whole place was crowded!!! After we got ourselves a place, we started to get those raw stuff to be cooked in steamy hot tom yam soup! We took lots of seafood, veggies and anything that seems nice to be put into the steamboat. We also wanted to take those famous chicken wings, but there was none~ Sigh... Once we have taken enough stuff, we dump everything into the soup. When it boiled, the tom yam soup overflowed into the clear soup. Poor Winnie, she can't really eat much already since she isn't very good at eating anything spicy.

After we sat down for a short while, we saw the waiters bringing a huge plate of those chicken wings onto the serving table! Me, Ting and the others went to grab those chickens before they disappear again! And oh boy~ Weren't those chickens yummy? :D

We ate and ate and ate. All of us also had a few cups of ice cream~ My favourite was the raspberry ripple, the yam was nice but I couldn't get hold ot it~ Pistachio almond is horrible >_< But the others like it. Different people different taste eh?

After finishing at 12am, we were so full that we decided to take a stroll at Putrajaya and also it's camwhore time! :D We did lots of crazy poses as you can see on the slideshow :P Once we were tired, we went to a nearby mamak shop and had a nice cooling drink and almost everyone of us has limau ais! :P We talked about plans for the next semester and we really hope it will work :) Let's pray~~~

After crapping enough, we headed back. Once we got back, we exchange photos and stuff. By the time I got to bed, it was already 5am~ And I woke up at 9.30am the next day~ But that shall be another story...

By the way, I'm going home today~ Yippee!!!!

this is my favourite picture! Look so nice right? :D

p/s: 6th May 2007, I left a message at 吴尊 blog! Happy!!!!

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