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Monday, May 14, 2007

Reality and Dreams

I've finally got my all time favourite band's latest album!!!

S.H.E - Play

So happy!!! And one of their songs got my dear 尊尊 singing! Although the whole Farenheit sing along also, but still... he's in it! I wish to hear him perform solo one day!

Okay, enough of 尊尊~ back to S.H.E... I have always loved every one of their albums and I used to buy their original CDs, but ever since I started university, I stopped buying and download them instead. :P But if it's really good, I'll buy them :D But this album is not in my to-buy-list yet, I would prefer to get Hana Kimi original soundtrack, I can listen to the whole soundtrack without getting tired. :) But don't have enough cash~ So maybe later :D Or anyone want to buy me one? *praying*

I really should be studying for finals tomorrow, but I simply don't have the heart nor the mood to study. All I want is to go home, sleep or play PS2 or have unlimited shopping. >_< I know this is bad and I should overcome it, but I can't. >_<

By the way, I dreamt of darling 吴尊!!! I remember talking to him, but I can't quite remember what we said or how his voice was, but anyway, he's so cute~~~~ I wish what I dreamt could become real... Sigh~

Reality and dreams, never really get along well...


snowwie said...

i decided to forgive them for reusing mayday's song. :P


siaozer plue said...

after all they did a good job ma :P