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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Been a long time since I've updated here. Holidays make me lazy :P Been playing with my PS2, trying to finish off FFXII before I go back to Cyber which is impossible because I haven't finish my hunts yet, and I'm still lacking of 1 Soul Powder to get the Tournesol!!! By the way, I got the Zodiac Spear already~ Trying to get my second one at Henne Mines Secret Area :D

Other than with PS2, I've been watching lots of anime because I really need more disk space. Finished CardCaptor Sakura, Black Cat and Ghost Hunt. First two is really nice! But Ghost Hunt disappointed me a bit. >_< Naru is cool and all, but... it's like not enough character development. Black Cat's Train Heartnet is a total cutie, but his mature voice for his young boy look is so... not right! And the voice is so different before and after he left Chronos! Weird~~~ But nevermind, worth watching. And Ghost Hunt better hurry up with a second season!

I passed all my exams! Thank god for that!!! I really do not want to sit for any supplementary paper or retake that subject~ I don’t think I really did well as my CGPA dropped a little. >_< I’ll work harder the next semester. I must not be lazy anymore!

Ah~ 3 weeks of holidays is almost over, I really wish it would last longer…

Next Monday will be the first day of my Delta year~~~ And I'm so not ready for it!!!!

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