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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Cyberia :D

Just moved into Cyberia. Took me quite some time to clean up and that also I haven't finish unpacking. Too much clothes and stuff to unpack and I'm bloody lazy! Talk about laziness. :P I'm your number one! Haha~

Managed to fix the problem to as why I couldn't online while I have my BT on. Thanks alot to Kaizer and Ganaesh for providing me the solution :D Hehe~~~

Relaxing quite a bit at home. Nothing much to do except the occasional classes. Trying to download animes and also dramas. Waiting for Hana Kimi Japanese version to be aired starting July 3rd. I can't wait!!!! Oguri Shun will be the ever so cute + moody + sweet + everything nice a girl would have asked for Izumi Sano!!! How hot can he be?


Day dreaming again. Well, at least it's night time. I should get to bed. Should try to get more sleep because the next 13 weeks ahead will be crazy! :D


snowwie said...

plue plue jiaaaaaaaaaayou in yr new sem, new home, n new drama to be excite for.

mwahahahha. eh, i don dare to dl dramas liao, how pathetic is that? :-s

siaozer plue said...

why dowan dl dramas liao? :P