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Friday, July 13, 2007

4 Weeks of Stuff

Updates updates updates. I know it's been so long since I last update. :P

Let's start off with...

Week 1 - Lazy Week

Why I called it the "lazy week"? That's because I don't have much classes and all I do is being LAZY! Anyway, first week of sem 1 is more towards getting myself ready for the new semester and of course, HOUSE CLEANING!!! :P Other than that, nothing much else happens.

Week 2 - Getting Ready Week

Ah... this is the week where groups are formed for assignments, and assignments starts coming in. Classes are starting, starting to get prepare for club registration week and all sorts of small stuff. Although it's not really heavy, but the amount of work need to be done is taxing! Headaches throughout the whole week, but I managed to pull through, thanks to my friends :D *hugs* >D:<

Week 3 - Crazy Week

This is the week where all battles will start. First there is MPD assignment which need to be submitted, then we have the club registration day, then also other stuff to do like settinng the master plan, meeting the FIT Dean and also ITS advisors among others, practically the whole week is just flying through because of the amount of work need to be done everyday! And I didn't blog much because I am so busy writing a fanfiction! Thanks to snowwie who always help me to edit and supervise my story. *kisses* Muacks!!! By the way, me and Ann manage to sneak some time out to watch Transformers! Bumblebee is so cute!!! Jazz's death didn't really mean much to me, maybe his screen time is so short! But the thought of Bumblebee dying, I nearly cried!!!!

Week 4 - Slightly Relax Week

Most work for ITS are done, with Wednesday settling the MySql talk by Mr Colin Charles. Thanks to Syazli and his friends, Ann, Dr Ewe for helping out a lot! Assignments are rolling in like waves, one comes another, oh my god, another MPD assignment submission next Thursday and I haven't got one local movie yet! Time to do movie hunting :P And then I have McD's McBreakfast today! So happy!!! :D I like their hash brown so much!!! Much much much better than HB2's or HB3's!!!!

I conclude the blog's update.

Tonight got one horrible talk to attend. Bloody stupid.

Tomorrow Bon Odori. :D Ah Fann Fann will be performing. Woot! Gambade Fann Fann!!!

Then Sunday no plans. Not sure. Maybe a brisk walk around shopping malls. Window shopping! :D

I horribly need SLEEP. I haven't been sleeping right for the past 4 weeks! >_<

Bits and pieces which didn't fit in...

I watch Hana Kimi (Japanese) and there are so many shounens (pretty boys) inside! Of course, my darling Oguri Shun is the best!!! The cutest and fairest of them all! Cannot wait for the second episode!!!! :D

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