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Monday, July 30, 2007


Went out today. Geez, it feels so good! :D There's so many people in Midvalley today, with all the sales and stuff, I shouldn't be alarmed. :P

I got my Elianto foundation brush in Cinneleisure (I went there first). It's super soft!!! I can't to test it! :D

Then I went to Midvalley and went bookstores hopping just to find my darling's first photo album. And I got it! :D There's a little white spot on the cover but no big deal, the spot isn't on his face so I don't really care. :p The pictures inside leaves me drooling non stop. Nyahahahaha~ Must keep it safe and sound.

So many more pages of articles to read. >_< I hate that.

Settle AGM on Wednesday and I am done with extra co-curricular activities!

This is a horrible week. But things will be fine once Friday kicks in, because it's midterm break!

Counting down to the days of freedom! Whoopie!

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