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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Always Will :D

1. Do you love chocolates?
:: not really.

2. Are you emo?
:: yes. sometimes.

3. Music you adore the most.
:: anything that's nice and suits my emotions at that moment.

4. Your current mood in one word.
:: neutral

5. Latest realization.
:: i am always running away.

6. In love with whom?
:: with someone who exists, but he's so far away

7. Story behind your background music.
:: nothing

8. Favorite radio station.
:: my fm. maybe that's the one i listen to most?

9. First band/group you liked.
:: was it n sync or backstreet boys? can't remember

10. First music video you enjoyed.
:: dunno

11. sentence for the day?
:: sien.

12. What is the last email you
:: dunno... haven't check

13. Are you missing someone?
:: yeah.

14. Last time you got tipsy/drunk?
:: i dun drink alcoholic beverages :P

15. What does the last SMS you receive says?
:: none in my inbox

16. Do you smoke?
:: eww... never

17. Usual first impression on you.
:: she's snobbish, proud, materialistic, quiet, and hardworking kind. NOT!

18. Favorite tv series.
:: CSI Miami, Justice League counted?

19. Current addiction/passion.
:: hehe. story writing.

20. Last person you talked to on the phone?
:: someone.

21. Last thing your Mom told you?
:: dun remember

22. Last thing your Dad told you?
:: i see you later. (something like that)

23. Do you still feel your answer in no.6?
:: yeah :D always will

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