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Monday, August 27, 2007

No More Cakes!!

Was back here on Sunday night. Did my assignments because I didn't touch them for the few days I was back at home. Desperately lazy :P

Been eating like 3 cakes for the past week. Crazy right? I will tell you why.

First cake was Voon Lee's cake. Her birthday is on 21st August, so we bought her a cake despite our busy schedule and celebrated her birthday. A very simple one. And we don't even have a camera. =_=" Well nevermind, it's what the heart counts right? :D Oh, the cake is Chocolate Banana. Very nice!

The next cake is my sister's cake. Both of them are August babies, so me, my dad and mom celebrated for them one shot. Save some money. :P And again, my sister chose a Chocolate Banana cake. Fine. It's nice, so I don't mind eating another time. Went home, took pictures, cut the cake. The usual stuff. Then the NIGHTMARE begins!

My mom transferred the pictures into the PC. And then, she came out of the room and told me and p-chan, "The pictures are gone." P-chan was like so shock and then ask "How can it go missing?" And my mom started her long long story about what she did and then suddenly found it all went missing. I could see the change of expression on p-chan's face. She was angry. Very angry.

Later when everyone went to bed, she came into the bedroom and started telling me things with an angry tone. I really wanted to laugh (no idea why) but then I didn't do so. I really don't want to be bashed by her. She's awfully strong.

Anyway, she insisted to have another cake. For the sake of taking pictures of her and the cake. =_=" My dad got her another one the next day. A blueberry cake. Okay, I like blueberry, but wasn't really elated to see it. Not after 2 cakes in one week. Then as usual, take pictures and cut the cake. Again. Finally, she's happy. Although she did grumble saying the previous pictures are nicer. =_="

I had been eating non stop, no thanks to my dad, for putting breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper in a very short time. 2 hours after breakfast is lunch, 2 or 3 hours later is tea, 3 or 4 hours later is dinner and then 1 hour later is supper. MADNESS! How not to grow fat? >_<

The biggest suprise was... p-chan found all the lost pictures in the PC today!!! How she found it I don't know. And why my mom said she lost it I don't know also. But man, the cakes are a killer! No more cakes! I see cakes and chocolates I can throw up right away!

Ah! Don't think bout cakes! No more cakes!!!!

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