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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ah! Crazy!

I think I am hook to Cartoon Network.

So in love with Justice League and Justice League Unlimited! The series is getting darker and darker, more and more twisted, and Superman rocks!!! :D

I also fell in love Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and also Courage The Cowardly Dog. Super funny and super cute!!!

I finish Saint Beast. Cute guys all the way, but the story too cheesy and too predictable. Sigh. So sad.

Watch Hana Kimi 9. So exciting!!! So in love with Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun and Shirota Yuu!!! :D Can't for episode 10! But, I forgot to watch Bleach 138. =_="

Played FXII. Finally got the Zodiac Shield! :D Next aim, The Great Crystal and The Pharaos!!!

Home again tomorrow! :D Maybe not.

Oh yeah, today went shopping with Fann and Ann at Midvalley. Bought lots of masks. :D Spring clean the skin! And had super nice Japanese food :D And sake tonight with horror movie! Ah! Crazy!

And we ended the trip with a lovely song, Tank's 专属天使. Wonderful isn't it?

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