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Monday, September 17, 2007

Dramas! :D

I'm not busy recently. You can say that I'm more or less on the relaxed side starting somewhere after the midterm break. My weekends are usually spent at home, as I go home a great deal this semester. If I'm not at home,(I think last weekend was the first weekend that I've not been home :P) I'll be out and about. Shopping, catching up with my sister, or just be plain lazy, which I TOTALLY LOVE!!

I think I've been shopping a little too much this time. Bought pants and clothes and what-nots. I have to stop. Save money for a brand new handphone!!!

Sony Ericsson W660i!!!

and as the font colour implies, I want it to be RED!!!

Hiak hiak hiak hiak...

Dramas are piling. Currently watching:

1. Hana Kimi (Japanese) - so many ikemens! I LIKE!!! Shirota Yuu, Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma... But it's coming to an end...

2. 公主小妹 - acted by 吴尊,张韶涵. Really hope this is good. If not, waste time only. 尊,you better be good in this!

3. 美味关系 - acted by 周渝民,侯佩岑. Haven't bother with any reviews or anything. Saw it on a site so I downloaded it. :p Hope it's good too. So I can watch it when I am bored.

4. 换换爱 - acted by 杨丞琳,贺军翔,王传一. DOwnloaded a few episodes, then deleted. I don't know why. But I now feel like watching >_< Nevermind, Joanne downloaded the whole series, can take from her :D

Animes wise, hm, as usual. Nothing new. :D I think I am more towards dramas now. :D

Will I go home this weekend? Still thinking. But pity Fann Fann, home alone on Sunday, should I accompany her as her shopping partner? Hm... Or would I be at home? Hm... Up to Voon Lee now...

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