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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Daady's Birthday

I think I will start off by updating my dad's birthday. It was on 11th October, Thursday. For your information, it is also the day I went to Cameron Highlands with my friends and the day after my dear 尊's birthday. So my family did a belated birthday dinner on Sunday. :D

Nothing much to talk about his birthday, as everything was kept simple. Had dinner at a local restaurant. Wanted to eat fish, but SOLD OUT!!! Can you believe it or not? Sold out! Sold out! And this is just a small town... Tzzk tzzk... >_< Nevermind, no fish then next time. Hmph! I make daddy cook! :D

After dinner, went back home and cut the cake. A bit dry but quite nice.

my daddy cute ler~ <3 my daddy!

daddy's birthday present (he plays mahjong so that's why there's a "di ban" there :D

We gave him a leather wallet. My sister bought it. I haven't seen it myself either, that's why no picture. Sorry ha~ :D Actually daddy knew what we wanted to give him because he's been complaining his wallet already KO and need a new one. We sisters, being smart of course took the chance and got him a wallet. :D Not suprising but it's the thought that counts, and of course it's practical to give him that, don't you think?

Once again...

Happy Birthday Daddy!


William Leong said...

patutlaaaaaaaaa....... no wonder ur dad also watch justice league.... also can be as siao as you one!

心。葵 said...

of course
he's my dad!
the older he gets, the cuter he gets :D
and of course he get's crazier la :D

William Leong said...

another words... same like you lor..

心。葵 said...

of course ma
he's my dad ler...
takkan same like u? :p

William Leong said...

ja dao