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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Midnight Ramblings

Here I am, spending my nights online. Without any purpose, without any reason.

Writing my story, listening to the same old song (I find it very soothing although it's a sad song.) Or just simply browsing.

I'm bored with FaceBook. It just don't seem to interest me as much as before.

I think I rather play mahjong with my dad and sis. I win quite a number of times, and I win it BIG!

I notice my downloading during the day is rather slow. It's rather difficult to get a good speed and maintains it all the way till it finishes downloads. >_< I miss Cyber for the fast download speeds. Downloading in the night seems to be better. :)

I finished Zombie Loan. It's a shounen, paranormal kind of anime. The shounens are drawn well (my type :P) and overall quite interesting. I love the beginning of the OP but I hate it once it starts singing! I wish Zombie Loan would hurry up with a second season, if they have it. 11 episodes is too short and doesn't really cover much. >_< Chika reminds me of FuruBa's Haru. His hairstyle maybe. Hehe... I should plan on what to watch next. >_< Too many animes. Too many dramas. Sigh~~

When I go to bed, my family gets up for work and school. I sleep like a pig till whenever I like. The irony...

I don't want to work. I am just too bloody lazy.

I hope to go shopping on Wednesday. Made plans to meet up with Fann. Too bad Winnie can't come. So many things to buy... I'm in a shopping mood lately. :P

Rambles of a girl at 3.23am.


I should sleep.

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