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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Puppy + Randomness

A random picture from home.

A cute little male puppy in my home.

Only 3 weeks 2 days old.

Isn't he SUPER CUTE???

hello! my name is lionel-ness! but my owner's daughters calls me "sai lou" because I am the youngest in the family!

he's cute right?

I feel so like not letting him grow up!


By the way, the other day I went out for supper with my dad and sister. Something really funny happen. :D

Boy: Nak minum apa?
p-chan: milo ais.
me: teh o ais.
daddy: teh tarik.
boy: sorry la. ais dah habis, gula pun habis, milo pun habis.

Me and sister look at each other with a "oh-my-god" look on the face. She ordered teh o kosong panas(sugarless and milkless hot tea), while I have teh o panas(milkless tea).

Then the boy ask us something else.

Boy: Nak makan?
p-chan: Garam belum habis lagi ke?

The boy gave us a confused look while I was laughing my head off! My dad just shook his head and said we didn't want any food. Clearly, the boy didn't understand my sisters joke. She was very pissed off for not getting Milo ais for supper. And I'm pissed with not having a cold drink. >_<

I'm random.

Random sial.

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