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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Shopping in 1U on Saturday, 13th October after returning from Cameron Highlands. :D (I know it's crazy and I was super tired that day, but who can resist shopping?)

Jeans, bling bling purse(one of my favourite purchase!), ZA blotting paper and eye mask, and SHOES! (my favourite!)

nice right? I <3 this!

my sister's shoes. I <3 it also. >_< I want it too!

I am super lazy to blog about the trip, as my memory for that day is rather fuzzy. :D Excuse me for my laziness okay? Hee.... Ah... I left out my purple coloured nail polish from KATE. Nevermind, those who want to see, go to SASA or Watson and find it. :D I lazy want to take picture for it.

Shopping in Midvalley + 1U on Tuesday, 16th October with Fann and WW and my sister before sending her back to Cheras.

blue checkered shoes, canmake dual colour eyeshadow (gold), silkygirl white nail polish and kate mascara base

nice? finally I got it! :D

Super happy to get my blue checkered shoes!!! And also my gold coloured eyeshadow, but still, I think I still want KATE's eyeshadow pallete, either Dual Carat pallete or the Glam Trick Eyes pallete. Maybe Canmake's newly launch glittery eyeshadow pallete would be good too! Which to buy? Hehehe...

Fann also bought a new long sleeve tee from Momoe. I didn't feel like buying clothings yesterday, so maybe next time. So lazy to blog everything about the shopping trip. Don't feel like typing anymore. Anyway, it was a great SHOPPING trip!

Awaiting for my next shopping trip!!!!

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