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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wednesday Trip To KL

Finally, an update for my blog. Been away from the PC for quite a few days and now, I'm finally back!

Finished my last paper on Tuesday at 4.30pm. It is such a wonderful feeling to finally complete TQM!!! I just hope I pass this paper! *fingers crossed* Managed to have a short chat with Ganaesh. If I didn't show up, I suppose he will be sulking and maybe angry? Hm...But anyway, I've seen him and it doesn't matter anymore whether he's angry or sulking or not. :P

Around 5.30pm, me, Fann and ann left for KLIA. Siu Chen, my ex- roomie is flying off to Japan for studies and everything is paid for except for flight tickets! I am so envious of her! Why FOM don't have this kind of program? Why only FOE and FIT? Why? Why? WHY???

Well anyway, it doesn't matter. I will work real hard in the future and make sure I get to go to Japan for shopping and sightseeing!!! :D After sending her off, we had a simple dinner. Really spicy curry noodles! It smells real good but then it's a bit too spicy for me. Fann said that her mouth is swollen and feels like as though it became two thick sausages! I couldn't help but just laughed. :D

On Wednesday, I waited for Winnie to finish her exam and then left Cyber to get her scholarship agreement signed. Since Fann was going home too, we ride along with her. She dropped us off at Kelana Jaya LRT station while she go home and pack for the Cameron trip and me and Winnie head out to KL.

After getting down at KL Sentral, some short distance walk to the Monorail station, we decided to get down at Sungai Wang, since we have some time on hand. Winnie got her black heels from Vincci since they were having sales, while I got a reddish purple tone blusher and eye mask from Elianto, Kate glittery black gel eyeliner (which smells horrible), and my monthly Taiwan magazine. I think that's about all. But I bought really a lot. Maybe it's nothing to you, but it sure is a lot to me. :D I have another shopping trip, but I suppose I leave it until later. :D

After a brief walk in Sungai Wang (I doubt non shopping lovers will say it is brief since I bought so much, oh well~ ), we left for Jalan Raja Chulan as Bank of America is situated there. After a few LRT stations and some walking, we finally arrive. I waited for Winnie at the receptionist when the security guard ask me this.

Security Guard: Kawan adik datang sini buat apa?
Me: Dia ambil scholarship.
Security Guard: Pandai nyer! Adik tak apply?
Me: I apply tempat lain.

He smiled and when back to his place. I was stunned for a moment when he asked me the final question. I just gave him a smile (which I think should be super fake) and answered in a small voice. I just don't know why I did that or even answer that way. >_<

After this, we left KL and headed straight to Kelana Jaya LRT station. We got picked up by WW and then headed to 1U to meet up with Fann for dinner. We met up at Popular and I got myself 2 magazines and then went to Yippie Club (not sure of the name). It's somewhere near Old Town if I'm not mistaken. We had dinner there. I don't quite remember what we ate but I know there were rice and noodles and chicken meat too! We were all so hungry that we forgot to take pictures!!!

After dinner, we went our separate ways. Winnie follow Fann back to Cyber, while I stayed a while more in 1U. WW got his tripod, while I got a bright red nail polish from Ianti. I don't know what's gotten into me, but I just wanted that colour. Bright red was never in my consideration list, weird old me. :D And guess what, I met Mr. Norman and his other half! Oh my god! I couldn’t recognize him at all! He was wearing glasses and he seems to have more grey hair than before but that girl was very sweet looking and young too. If wasn't because he called out to me first, I wouldn't have know that he was there.

Then I went back to Cyber. Online for a while and Mr. Norman buzzed me. Seems like I've met the girl before when he and the girl had lunch in Padi. No wonder she looks so familiar! After chatting for a while, I had to go clean up and pack. By the time I was done, it was already 1am and I had to get up at 5am to leave Cyber for Cameron at 6am!

Cameron trip will be updated with pictures when I have them on hand! Just pray that the stupid Streamyx connection don't go bonkers again. It's making crazy me for going DC every half an hour!!!! Till then...



William Leong said...

i want them cameron photos! send to puhleeezz :D

心。葵 said...

eto... wait till i get them first la :D