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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mascara Reviews

So bored till I don't know what to write. >_<

Then, with my recent craze for cosmetics, shall I talk about it in this post?

Bah! Like I care what you guys think! :P


Hm... Basically my recent expenditure are all on either cosmetics (especially mascaras), fashion magazines, or on my new handphone related stuff :D

But the latter two are not important. :P Most imporant thing is, MASCARAS!!!

I know you are either saying "what the hell?" or anything worse than that. Well, I don't care and you can leave without reading any further, becuase it can get boring IF you don't like cosmetics. Don't say I didn't warn you before hand.

Here goes!

I think my first mascara ever was Maybelline's XXL.

Lengthening wise, quite good. Volume wise it performed quite well also and it's waterproof. The only thing that I don't like is that it dries rather slowly and if you are not patient, you will end up with clumpy lashes. Other than that, I think everything else is okay. Oh, it's quite easy to remove too.

Let me think what else I have... Hm... Revlon Luxurious Lengths.

Everything is okay except volume. Of course, this mascara was never intended to create fuller and thicker lashes. It's suppose to lengthen and to curl your lashes. The best part of this mascara was lashes look very naturally curled and soft, not clumpy or crunchy-like. For girls who wants to have thick lashes, you will need to get another mascara that volumizes. :) Don't remember about the removal part though, but I think it was easy to remove. If it was hard to remove, I'm sure that I'll remember it for the rest of my life.

Then I think I got myself a Maybelline Lash Discovery and Loreal Panoramic Curl. For Lash Discovery, the brush is really small and it reaches those tiny little corners nicely! Lengthening wise is so-so, nothing much to shout out. Volume I think it scores a zero from me, not that I really bother. I don't fancy thick lashes as much as I love long lashes :P It's definitely easy to remove because it is not waterproof, much to my dismay. I never like non- waterproof mascaras.

Panoramic Curl is the only mascara that I got from Loreal. It has done a good job in curling my lashes and fanning them out nicely. Volume is a zero, while lengthening is so- so. It smudges badly on me, who can blame it? It wasn't waterproof. >_<

I ditch these two mascaras after a few usage. Why? Because I bought them during a warehouse sale and it was near expiry date. I just bought them for fun and to test them out. Well, both are not the kind of stuff I would buy again because I have better options. :D

Then I bought myself Skinfood Chestnut Lengthening Mascara. That was my firt time ever buying a Korean brand cosmetic. It's packaging is really cute!! Done a good job in lengthening and not clumpy at all! It doesn't offer much volume, I think I can give a zero for that. Easy to remove and doesn't smudge easily although it's not waterproof. You really need a lot of water or sebum from your skin to make it really smudge badly.

Maybelline Unstoppable is also in my mascara list. Has very natural effect, not clumpy no matter how much you apply and helps lengthening too. Only problem is that you will need to add layers and layers on it to really make your lashes long. Other than that, no problem with it. :D Removal is easy despite being said as waterproof. And it doesn't smudge! For those who like lashes with lots of volume or dramatically long lashes, don't get this one, you only end up with disappointments. But it's great for those who wants a natural look. :D

I bought ZA Cutie Curl in Long Lash and another in Volume after reading a lot of really good reviews from forums and such. For Volume, it really lengthens and volumizes while for Long Lash, it lengthens really nicely but doesn't volumize as much as Volume.Both gives you really black and beautiful lashes and won't weigh your lashes down. Your curls are beautifully curled the whole day.It doesn't smudge at all. For ZA Cutie Curl Long Lash, it's not clumpy and coats your lashes nicely. ZA Cutie Curl Volume on the other hand, clumps much more easily than the Long Lash version. Note that I bought both mascaras more or less around the same time and has the same manufactured date and expiry date. My Long Lash still isn't clumpy but Volume is clumpy already. So I ditched Volume. Both require extra time in removal as it is super waterproof. Double cleanse or more is your best bet here. :)

I got myself Kate Mascara Base and I'm loving it! I'm using my second bottle! It has a lot of fibers in it and really helps to lengthens your lashes to greater lengths. Helps to maintain curls whole day too. If your lashes are stubborn and won't stay nicely curled after you put on mascara, you might want to give this base a try. :D

I bought Maybelline Turbo Boost without giving it a lot of thoughts. I needed to attend a wedding dinner and I forgot my makeup stuff, so I rushed to the nearest Watson to grab anything that looks good and so I bought this. It's a great mascara that volumizes well and offers nice lengthening effects. Holds curl quite nicely. Waterproof but yet easy to remove. It's not clumpy too! After the dinner, I went to do some research on this mascara. Apparently it has recieved a lot of good reviews from Japanese girls and a lot of them are using this. I bought myself a great stuff! :D

My latest buys are Fasio Power Stay 3D + Air Tech in Curl Long and Hyper Stay Digi Colour. Haven't use both of this yet, so can't really review them, but I do know that it is famous for it's lengthening effect and also it's super waterproof quality! Oh, it's also infamous for difficult removal. Hehe. But then, if it's good, I don't mind the extra time removing it! Another buy is Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Neo. This is the second generation of Lash Expander and has recieves lots of good reviews. I totally love it's packaging because it has such a glamourous feel to it! Can't wait for it to arrive and try it out!

By the way, using mascaras hurts the lashes, so I got myself a Canmake Lash Essence. It's suppose to help grow, protect and nourish your lashes. After applying it for some time, my lashes feels much stronger. But I still haven't see the effect of the essence in growing my lashes longer. Maybe I will need to wait longer. A lot of girls who used it says that their lashes really has grown longer after using it. I'm praying hard that mine will too!

Now after doing this review, I notice that all of my mascaras are either waterproof or smudgeproof except for Lash Discovery and Panoramic Curl. Hehe. I just cannot stand ugly panda eyes. :P Till then, I think I want to end my this lengthy mascara review. :P I have so much more other reviews to write about, but I think I'll leave it for another day. So good night! :D


trumpeter_ng04 said...

char bo ! say nothing to write ... still can write out so much ker ?

nikki said...

so which mascara do you recommend? :p

心。葵 said...

HT, this is a review ma... But i have nothing else to write :P

心。葵 said...


i think ZA cutie curl in long lash, maybelline turbo boost are the best drugstore brand, along with Fasio lor. but be warned that fasio is hard to remove, za a bit difficult while maybelline the easiest, that's according to my own test la.

majorlica majorca i buy online de, kenot get in malaysia, in taiwan n japan it's drugstore brand ler, but come here macam become high end stuff liao >_<