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Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first 21st Birthday Celebration

The girls celebrated my birthday for me at 11 something on 13th November at Wing's Cafe in Seri Kembangan.

My birthday was going to end then only they want to celebrate it, why????

Because Fann got sushi-making class, so the others waited for her to complete it before heading back to celebrate for me.

And the funniest thing was, THEY THOUGHT I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THEIR PLAN!

Hilarious I tell you~ :P

There were so many hints and small chats behind my back, and someone as smart and sensitive curious as me would surely know what's going on right?

The whole thing started to gave away was during Shetty's class, where I ask Hooi Ting for dinner she said she got a date to eat with. Then I think I saw the smug on her face, but nevermind about it. I didn't bother so I went home with Fann and the others as usual.

When we got back home, Fann ym me and ask me want to go out for supper or not.

THIS IS WEIRD, I told myself.

Whenever Fann has sushi-making classes, she usually come back home with a very full stomach and never have supper after those classes. So why suddenly she decided that she wants to have supper that night when she knows for sure she can eat during sushi class? A thought to ponder on... And another weird thing was she asked me to ask Winnie and Ann whether they want to join or not. We are staying in the same house, she could have just ask them herself right? But then I play dumb and do what she ask to do. :D

After Fann finish class, Fann called Winnie to ask us to get down. That is super weird because usually Fann will call me and ask me to ask them to get ready! :D Then Winnie took her bag along, which is unusual because she never bring along her bag when we go out for supper!

Then we headed out for supper. Fann was driving super fast(*1) and drove right out from Cyber. I was a bit shocked but nevertheless, it confirms almost everything. :D So just wanted to be sure, I ask Fann where were we going.

Me: Fann, why are we not going to Old Town de?
Fann: I just went there yesterday ma.
Me: Oh, I already thought of what to eat tim... Then where are we going?
Fann: We go SK lo.

Okay, this proves it. Fann was never the kind to drive out from Cyber for supper when it's late. And her speed of driving, you will feel like you are in F1 race!!!

As we approached the usual place we eat for, Fann suddenly say her friend recommend her this one cafe which sells good food and stuff. So I thought she said that so we can go and try it some other day. But to my biggest shock, she drove past the usual place we eat!

Me: Eh, you want to try the new cafe now ah?
Fann: Ya la. Something new ma.
Winnie: Min Min also told me before that the place there quite nice one.

I just smiled and said nothing.

We got to Wing's Cafe and sat down at a cozy spot and started ordering. Not long afterwards...


Hooi Ting, Voon Lee, Joanne, Min Min came with a green tea birthday cake(*2). :D

They sang a birthday song for me, made me make a wish, and took a lot of pictures and my eyes are hurting because the strong camera flash! (*3)

But I suppose it was worth it, because they made an effort to celebrate my birthday on the day itself. :D

(*1) Fann was driving super fast because she was worried that she couldn't make it in time to celebrate my birthday before it ends. :D

(*2) Paiseh ha everyone, actually I don't quite like green tea flavour especially the strong ones. But thank you anyway for the thought and effort~ watashiwa totemo ureshii des ne!

(*3) I still haven't edit the pictures, I'm too lazy. :P

thank you to all of you ooo~ love you guys so muchie!

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leng zai said...

i gt smug mah ? -_-lll