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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Undecided >_< & Birthday :D

I'm sad.


Because my L'Amour 7390 has already stop production!! Which means it is a collector's item, and since it has stop production, I'll never be able to own this phone!!!


Horrible, isn't it?

Just when I thought I found my dream phone...

But, now I'm facing a dilemma again.

Which phone should I get?

Which should I get? The top one, nokia n73ME or the bottom one, nokia 5610 Xpress Music?

Both have rather good specs, and the price don't really differ much, about RM100.

Here's the comparison link for both handphones

What you guys think? Do let me know!


Apart from being undecided of what handphone to get, I have an important announcement to make.


I'm so very happy!!! :D

Being 21 means...

  1. I can enter the casino just like that. (Not that I am dying to go into that area, but I just won't need to sneak in. :P)

  2. I'm eligible to vote! (But I doubt I will utilize that power. :P)

  3. I'm an adult! (Which means more responsibility... sigh~)

Everyone was asking me how will I be spending my birthday. The truth is, I have absolutely no idea!

But it doesn't really matter.

I recieved a lot of wishes from friends who remembered my birthday, and I am truly thankful for that.

One of my best birthday present is a ticket to watch SHE concert on 1st of December 2007!!! Super fantastic!!! I can't wait for that day to come!!!! :D :D :D I just can't help smiling :D

and honestly...

thank you to those who remembered my birthday. it meant a lot to me. :)

i love you guys so much!

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