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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Buying Non Stop :P

TSF lime shine secret base
TSF rice concealer
maybelline perfect concealer
TSF lemon fresh 2 way cake
elianto baked series in bronze

maybelline turbo boost
silkygirl e/s in mocha latte
kate gel liner in BK-2 (black with glitter)

beauticontrol lippie in paradise

I just wanted to test out Kate's BK-2, and in the end, I did a full FOTD. >_< Oh well, nevermind :P

I totally love Kate's BK-2! The colour shows nicely, the glitters are not too chunky or too glittery, it glides on smoothly and it doesn't smudge or anything! Very waterproof too! :D Just what I like since I've oily lids and the weather is always either freaking hot or freaking wet!! By the way, if I 'm too lazy to put on any eyeshadow, this liner works well just to give a nice hint of colour on the eyes. An fast and easy smokey done! :D

Because of it's a really good buy, I bought BK-1, and now I'm considering of getting BR-1, but then I hardly use brown eyeliners... Wonder if it has glitters? If it does, might considering of getting it too! I love shimmery stuff lately! :P

Gonna go get my Kate liquid foundation today and elianto makeup remover today! Wee~~~~~

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