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Monday, January 28, 2008

3rd Week On The Job

3rd week into my job.

Been doing alright I guess.

As usual, Mondays are the most hectic of all days. Especially before 12 noon. Because most of the weekly reports need to be submitted before that time or else, our ears will suffer. :P

Other than that, it's the usual basic stuff I do everyday. Price adjustments, getting signatures done and things like that. Nothing heavy. So once after lunch hour, life is a wee bit easier since by then reports are all done.


My results.

A+ for Finance. I was expecting an A for this, since I do all my tutorials and assignments and attended almost all classes. (i didn't go for the revision class and i think one of the lectures. :P)

A- for Law. Totally unexpected. Because I really feel that I didn't do well, but luck was on my side eh? I couldn't really do the question which carries 50 marks, but I think I did alright on the others. But still, if you KO on the 50 mark question, most likely you'll end up with horrible results. But I suppose everyone didn't really do well in that so it averages out so scoring an A is easier perhaps? Anyway, I thank my lucky star.

B for Marketing. Never expected much for this. Since I dislike the lecturer. I don't hate the subject, but the lecturer made it so bad and unbearable!!! Oh well, I don't care, I'm done with it.

Gotta get back to work. Work and work and work till 6pm.

Basically that's my life now. :)

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