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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Will Miss My Life

Weeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~I've graduated from MMU!

Oops! It should be quarterly-graduated.

1/4 for finishing my last three papers which consist of Financial Management, Multimedia Marketing, and Legal Framework for Multimedia.

Where's the other 3/4?

I'll break it down, don't worry. :P

If I pass all my three papers, then I'm halfway there to graduation.

And I still have my internship to do. (starting on 14th January. >.<)

And when I finally finish my internship, done my presentation, and pass this really final subject, then only I can safely say that I AM A GRADUATE!!!!

So basically I have another 3/4 of requirements to fulfill before I can say that I can finally leave MMU forever. :P

I don't think I have a problem passing my internship, I'm more worried about my marketing and law paper. >.< I don't think I did well in it.

Anyway, I'm now back in my hometown for my final semester break.

It's a very short one, just a week. And then I start work.

No more naps. No more waking up late in the morning. No more class skipping. No more too-late-at-night outings. No more long long holidays. No more shopping trips-whenever-i-like.

Oh man, I'm so gonna miss my ever-so-free life.

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