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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Last Piece... For Now?

Gonna go back to KL tomorrow. I really feel like crying.

Number 1
I have no internet access!!! Which means no chatting, no forumming, no downloading, no new dramas or anime or mp3s! MADNESS!!!! I must must must go and apply for my Internet access!

Number 2
The main problem, I'm gonna start work! Which means holidays are ending, my life now revolves around work, no more studies. Okay, I know this is just an internship, but it's still the same right? I can't just don't bother with my job and be as carefree as before! Have to put in effort in my work! Gambade!!!!!

Basically I have nothing else to whine about. Boring. >_< I really don't feel like leaving home and cramp in that small room without any ceiling fan! *gasp* I am so going to go home whenever I can!

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