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Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's Inside Your Bag?

I've been tagged by Chloe, and it's been ages since I've done one, so I'll gladly do it during my lunch hour. :P

What's Inside Your Bag

The Bag

A big black bag. Super roomy. I'm so gonna ditch it and get myself my-oh-so-perfect-new one. Still on the hunt though. >_<

  1. my n73ME and earphones *the perfect tool to cure me of my boredom*
  2. facial oil blotters
  3. tissue
  4. house keys
  5. purse *who's so crazy to leave home without it????*
  6. small scissors *to snip my split ends if I see any*
  7. small mirror *it's a must!!*
  8. comb *in case my hair gets all tangled up, but it doesn't happen anymore.*
  9. nail clipper *in case my nail breaks. i can't stand ugly nails.*
  10. makeup pouch *i'll snap a pic of it later, it's a pretty pinky-rose theme!*

In my makeup pouch:

  1. lip balm
  2. lipgloss *changes depends on my mood*
  3. blusher
  4. blusher brush *if i'm using powder blush*
  5. canmake concealer *for dark circles*
  6. kate liquid foundation
  7. mascara
  8. curler

I think that's all? Might wanna get another canmake concealer for pimples :P

I wanna tag those who reads this post! :D

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