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Friday, January 18, 2008

Working Mode!

Finally started working on 14th January and it has been a week since I've started my job as a under-training-marketing coordinator for a week.

Weekends are off. I don't need to work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Next Wednesday I'm off. :D Because it's Thaipusam! Yay!!!

Then I have a day off on Chinese New Eve too!! Nice!!! Wee~~~ :D

My colleagues are nice to me. They have been very helpful and guide me when I don't know how to do things. They are also very friendly, and of course one or two of them are a bit more sarcastic than the others. Oh well, it's bearable and I've seen people who are even more sarcastic than they are. ie: my parents and my sister. Enough said. Those who know them should know their sarcasm.

The first three days are boring. Very boring. I have to sit in the meeting room because the table and PC haven't arrive. And whenever the managers have meeting, I'll have to move to another empty place to sit. But my supervisor is really nice, she know I was bored so she brought me around to see those people I'm suppose liaise with and taught me a few things that can be taught without using a PC.

see how important PCs are?

Without the PC, I basically can't do much. Sigh~

And no chatting online (because I'm a trainee, I'll have to wait till I'm a permanent staff first. >_<), no friendster, no facebook, no youtube, nothing. The company blocked a lot of stuff!! Oh well, it's a bit sad, but I'm still allowed to check my mails and go to forums and stuff. Good enough for me when I've got nothing to do.

Oh, when I'm busy, I'm really busy. Running up and down for signatures and to do price adjustments. Later I'll be needing to generate reports every Monday and submit them before 12noon. Hectic. But when I'm free, I am really free. :P

Anyway, I'm quite happy with my job. People are nice, I can bear with my job, and my superiors aren't that difficult to deal with either.

Till then, I've nothing to complain.

Maybe later, who knows yeah?


-waiseng- said...

hey, hav fun in ur new job yea.. :D

心。葵 said...

thanks! :)