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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Updates!

How long has it been since my last entry?

Hm... It must have been at least 2 weeks. Or more. Bah, I don't care. :P

Been busy with work. I go to work around 8am, get back home earliest by 8pm, if not it'll be at least 10 or 11 something before I get back home.

But I hardly get back home by 8pm. When there's work, I'll have to stay back and finish it or else I'll be piling it till the next day and work like shit. I so do not want that. >_<

Before last Wednesday, I had no internet access at my place. Pitiful. So I spend time sleeping. :P Lame, but there wasn't much that I can do, apart from reading.

So now I have my internet, I can blog freely, chat freely and of course download my animes, movies, dramas and whatever I fancy!!!!

And the speed is AMAZING!!!

It's cheaper than st*****x, line is much more stable than st*****x (i pray that the downtime will never be as often as st*****x), line is faster (for downloading, but still it depends on a multitude of factors :P), what else... hm... I have nothing to complaint about! Isn't this nice? :D

Time flies, February coming to an end soon. And we just had our Chinese New Year holidays. >_<

I want my pay cheque. I want to go shopping. I want to sleep. >_< I want to go home.

Oh, I want to register myself as a voter too!

Have you registered yourself?

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