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Monday, March 24, 2008

Life's Boring

I think I've ditched my blog.


I find life's a tad too boring for me to write.

I have the same old pattern everyday.

Wake up reluctantly -> clean up -> work -> dinner -> online -> sleep

Everyday is just the same old thing. Except for weekends.

I don't have shopping sprees anymore.

Because my pay is too little, and I'm tired after work and I'm trying to lose weight.

Shopping sprees are on hold now except for cosmetics and skincare.

But I have enough of buying cosmetics. Been buying too much lately. >_<

Thinking of getting heels, but I think sales are coming soon, might as well wait.

Oh, this Wednesday will be my lecturer's visit.

Can't wait for it to be over and finish my training.

Hopefully, life will be better by than.

Which I doubt. >_<

Pathethic. Pessimistic .

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